Sociology is the study of Society, the ‘social world’. Sociology looks beyond the day to day and asks What is the real nature of Society? Why does it function like it does and for whose benefit? Sociology asks you to understand and apply key concepts such as power, gender, ethnicity and culture to important and topical issues such as the Mass Media, Education, Family, Crime and Deviance and Religion which shape the world we live in. You learn to question previously held assumptions about the world you live in in a logical and methodical manner.

At King John you can study sociology at both GCSE and A level course, but you do not need to have studied it at GCSE to do A level. At GCSE we follow the Eduqas course and at A level we do the AQA course.

By taking the subject, you become a much more informed, questioning and critical citizen of society. Furthermore, you will take away from Sociology a completely different way of thinking about the world around you, and here is a promise: you will never look at that world in the same way again.

Please feel free to talk to Ms Brown or Ms Henwood if you are interested in doing this subject.

“Sociology is at the root of pretty much every business, every PR campaign and every political movement and news story” Leyla Mehmet Little Local Marketing Company.