Purpose of study
At the King John School, we provide a high-quality Skills and Citizenship education which helps to prepare pupils for adulthood. Through the Skills course, students are taught about the many issues and concerns that they may face as teenagers and young adults; and through the Citizenship course, students are taught about the political and social issues that contribute to the social landscape in which we live.

Overview of Course Content

Year 7
During their first year of secondary school, year 7 students will be given the opportunity to discover, learn, and engage with a variety of topics that will help them to make sense of the world around them. The course covers a diverse range of topics recommended by the National Curriculum and provides the perfect platform for students to appease their curiosity, challenge their preconceptions, and ignite the passion and enthusiasm that they have for the social issues that affect them.

Year 8
This year will build on the knowledge and understanding gained during year 7 as students re-examine some of the key topics in greater depth whilst also studying some different topics, too. A year is a long time in education and we find that the students grow immensely in maturity, and gain greater confidence and conviction in their own ideas and beliefs; consequently, we strive to ensure that the course delivers relevant and contemporary topics to encourage student interest, engagement, and participation.