Public Services

These qualifications in Public Services are targeted at learners who would like to gain employment in the public services sector and have been developed to provide further training and education and progression opportunities within this sector. The qualifications will develop learners’ abilities through the knowledge and skills gained in the programme and are suitable for learners who would like to know more about employment in uniformed or non-uniformed public services.

During the course, students will cover a variety of units:

Leadership and teamwork in the public services
The ability to lead teams is critical to the public services. This unit introduces learners to the principles of team leadership and teamwork in a public services context. In many roles in this area they will need to be prepared to take on a great deal of responsibility. They will undergo training to become the future management of vital public services and recruiters will be looking for leadership potential: for emergency planners who could coordinate the emergency services in a crisis, or military officers who could command the respect of their teams.

Citizenship, diversity and the public services
This unit highlights the concept and practice of citizenship and diversity and how it relates to the public services. It explores how the concept of citizenship and diversity has evolved over time, and how and why it is continuing to change. It will help learners understand how citizens’ rights and responsibilities have developed, evaluate those developments, and see how they can participate in defining and using citizens’ rights now and in the future, encompassing diversity issues.