“I enjoy psychology because it is fascinating to study the inner-workings of the human mind”

Quotation by a Year 13 Student.

Psychology is the scientific study of what people do and why they do it. Psychologists ask questions like:

• How can people learn to cope with stress?
• How do you cure a fear of spiders?
• Why does a child have temper tantrums?
• How can you improve your memory?
• What kind of people are most attractive to the opposite sex?
• Why do some people do better in exams than others?
• How can we effectively deal with criminal behaviour?

If you find these kinds of questions interesting, then you should enjoy studying psychology.

Psychology covers a range of different perspectives and topics from memory to criminal behaviour. At the KJS we cover the A Level AQA specification and many of our students go on to study Psychology at University. The study of psychology can lead to a variety of different careers.