Media Studies

Key Stage 4

Media Studies is one of the largest subject options in The King John School. The department has three dedicated media suites and key specialist staff teaching an exciting and modern subject. Since 2008 the department has gone from strength to strength at both key stage 4 and key stage 5 each year.

As well as offering students a subject that is proud to be different, creative and highly vocational, the course covers a range of exciting topics (inc. news, advertising, magazines) that allows students to develop skills, both creative and analytical, they can use in any industry. From graphic design to website design, the skills that students learn serve to enrich their CV and show how hands-on a student can be. Students are proud of the work they create, which can be seen around the school. Since 2017 the department runs the Eduqas media studies GCSE, which is made up of coursework (30%) and two exams (70%). It is a much more rigorous and academic approach to the subject which covers the full range of contemporary media and the issues arising from it.

Key Stage 5

What is Media Studies?
Media studies could be described as the English literature of the 21st Century.  Instead of studying plays, poems and novels however you will engage in a range of contemporary media texts across print, broadcast and e-media.

Why study this course?
Studying this course will develop your understanding of how media texts are constructed; exploring how social and cultural groups, events and issues are represented in media texts and how audiences respond to and interpret those texts.  You will explore the world “constructed” by media texts from the representations of gender, age and ethnicity all the way through to audiences, events and issues.  You will engage in debates and develop a range of technical and creative skills using industry leading software including Adobe Photoshop and Premier.

What can you expect from Media Studies?
Media studies is a challenging, creative and engaging course that will increase your awareness of the ideologies behind media texts and allow you to question the impact of the media on the world around you.

How is the course assessed?
The media studies course is assessed through examinations and coursework with 30% of your final marks from coursework and 70% from examinations.

Who is the course suitable for?
If you have an interest in graphic design, photography, video production or website design, then media studies could be an excellent choice for you.

What can i do with an A-level in media studies?
Media studies is a rapidly developing subject and a strong growth area for career opportunities.  The majority of top universities now offer a variety of excellent media courses.  Employers value the creative intelligence, social awareness and practical skills of media graduates.  it supports progression to a career in areas such as film production, marketing, advertising, product design and journalism.

Hollywood Trip
The department also offers a trip to Hollywood, California every year where pupils get taken on VIP tours of the major studios (Warner Bros, Sony and Universal) as well as work with film cameras at the NY Film Academy.

 “The Hollywood Trip is open for all Media and Film students at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.”