“You would be nowhere without Geography.”  Michael Palin.

Our aim as a department is to give all students a real experience of Geography, wherever possible by direct involvement through fieldwork investigations and fieldtrips e.g. investigations around the school site in Year 7 and 8, urban and rural fieldwork in the local area at GCSE and a residential fieldtrip to Surrey at A Level. We have also run international trips to Italy and Iceland in the last few years.

Classwork is, of course, also vital to success and students study a balance of topics relating to human, physical and environmental geography. Throughout the course, whether at Key Stage Level 3, 4 or 5, students will learn about geographical processes which will not only help them understand the world in which they live but will also give them the knowledge needed to predict changes in the future.

A wide variety of subjects are covered including rivers, coasts, tectonic activity, population change, settlement change, the growth and effects of tourism, sustainability, global warming and sources of energy. Topics are investigated at different scales, sometimes local, sometimes national and sometimes global and care is taken to ensure students build up a sound framework of the major human and physical landmarks located at each scale. Below is a summary of the topics covered at each key stage:

Key Stage 3
• My personal geography and geo-skills
• Earth’s story and climate change
• River systems in the UK
• Settlement
• Tourism and transport
• Amazing Africa
• Tectonic hazards
• Natural resources and sustainability
• Managing Antarctica
• Hot deserts
• Development and globalisation
• China v India

Key Stage 4 – AQA exam board
• Physical landscapes in the UK
• The challenge of natural hazards
• The living world
• The challenge of resource management
• Urban issues and challenges
• The changing economic world
• Physical and human geography fieldwork
• Issue evaluation exercise

Key Stage 5 – OCR exam board
• Changing spaces, making places
• Global migration
• Human rights
• Earth’s life support systems
• Glaciated landscapes
• Disease dilemmas
• Hazardous earth
• Independent investigation

A real experience of Geography, wherever possible by direct involvement through fieldwork investigations and fieldtrips.