“72% UK international trade is with non-English-speaking countries.”

“Research suggests the UK is missing out on contracts worth up to £21 billion a year because of the lack of language skills in the workforce."

We teach Modern Foreign Languages to


  • Equip learners to understand and communicate in French
  • Improve competence in receptive and productive language skills
  • Provide a platform for learners to express their ideas and personal interests through speech and writing
  • Develop analytical and interpretive capacities
  • Broaden each learner’s understanding of how the English language works
  • Develop memory, self-discipline and resilience
  • Provide an opening to other cultures and traditions
  • Enhance each learner’s intellectual curiosity towards local, national and global areas of interest
  • Expand personal horizons
  • Provide a foundation for learning other languages
  • Equip learners to visit, study in or work in another country

Curriculum Maps

Year 7 French

Year 8 French

Year 9 French

Year 10 French

Year 11 French

Year 12 and 13 French