Sixth Form Policies

Sixth form dress code
The King John School has a traditional view of educational dress and in years 7 to 11 maintains a traditional school uniform that is recognised and respected within the school’s wider community. The dress code within the school’s Sixth Form seeks to maintain this formality whilst allowing students some licence and flexibility.

Sixth Form students are viewed as role models to the younger students and therefore are expected to dress smartly and not as if they are going to the beach or to a party.  Students may be asked to go home to change if we feel their clothing is unsuitable regardless of time, distance or cost with time made up through the After School Programme (ASP).

Students are expected to wear their ID tags at all times when at school.  Persistent failure to do so may result in the student being placed on the After School Programme (ASP) as a consequence.

For further details please refer to the standards and expectation policy.