Year 6 Transition 2020

Virtual Induction Day – June 2020

As we are unable to see our year 6 students this year we have created a virtual induction day. This comprises of video lessons, a welcome assembly and a virtual tour of the school.

Year 6 Letter – Virtual Induction Day 16.6.20

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Transition 2020
At King John, the transitionary year is one in which new friendships are fostered; academic progress is supported and each individual personality is recognised and enhanced. Our spirit of community is essential to the year 7 experience being a happy and successful one. This year, the transition process has had to be modified due to the unprecedented circumstances. Nonetheless, our aim has been to provide students and parents with constant support to ensure that the process continues to be as fluid and as smooth as possible.

In the transition year we have four main aims: 1. To explore all new opportunities 2. To have a year of smiles and happiness 3. To take on new responsibilities 4. To always be learning something new. Our hope is that everyone finds their niche as quickly as possible in our exciting and vibrant school. Underpinning our philosophy is the right a child has to an education and how education should “develop every child’s personality, abilities and talents to the full.” (Children’s Charter)

Support 2020
The transition period into secondary school is a fun and exciting time but one where various difficulties and challenges may be encountered. Our role is to make sure that students feel supported from their Primary school into Secondary school

Due to the current, unprecedented climate; our support has been as follows:

  • Keeping in touch letters from our pastoral team to families.
  • A virtual transition experience.
  • Live virtual welcome chats by the Head of Year 7, Miss Murray, with some of our Year 6 students and schools.
  • A transition booklet outlining how to get ready for secondary school has been posted home.
  • A welcome from the current Year 7 Transition Team- students who have been thinking of answers to frequently asked questions from our Year 6 students in order that peer support is offered.
  • Optional summer tasks to continue to foster a joy and a passion for learning.
  • Access to our Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) to see the variety of transition support available.
  • The induction team email has enhanced communication
  • Support from Mrs Varney- our student support officer who has been communication with families and schools.
  • The new Year 7 tutoring team are to begin phone calls to families to introduce themselves.

When we resume as a Year 7 group, all staff will be available to help the students and families feel supported as the next phase of the transition begins.

We want to remind our Year 7 that someone is always there to listen and to help.

Transition Team – these are a group of Year 8 students who head up the buddy system which supports Year 7. Our Transition Team will be there for support and guidance. Here are some words of advice from them:

Welcome to King John

Advice from Anna from the Year 7 Transition Team

Advice from Jess

Advice from Oliver

Transition team email address
If you have any questions about transition, please email the team at :

Transition Support on the King John VLE

Please follow this link

My New School Journey 2020 – Getting to Know Us

Get to Know Some of Our Staff – Heads of Year, Learning Support and Pastoral Staff

Getting to Know Your Teachers

2020 Support Guide
Material to help the transition for students.

Success into secondary

Optional Summer Tasks
These tasks are a way to continue enjoying your learning over the summer. They are not obligatory but you may want to look at the different activities for different subject areas and store your work in your portfolio. Have fun!

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers about Secondary School

Year 6 Transition FAQs