Year 6 Transition

At King John, the transitionary year is one in which new friendships are fostered; academic progress is supported and each individual personality is recognised and enhanced. Our spirit of community is essential to the year 7 experience being a happy and successful one. The transition work starts in May when we visit our primary schools to meet our new students and start to get to know everyone. In the transition year we have four main aims: 1. To explore all new opportunities 2. To have a year of smiles and happiness 3. To take on new responsibilities 4. To always be learning something new our hope is that everyone finds their niche as quickly as possible in our exciting and vibrant school. Underpinning our philosophy is the right a child has to an education and how education should “develop every child’s personality, abilities and talents to the full.” (Children’s Charter)

The transition period into secondary school can be a fun and exciting time but one where various difficulties and challenges may be encountered. Our job is to make sure that they are supported from their Primary school into Secondary school
Our range of support includes:

  • A personal tutor that will meet their tutor group on the induction day and are the day to day support for their students throughout the year 7 transition process
  • A student support officer who is there to aid the work of the tutor and stay with the year group throughout their time at the King John School
  • A team of Year 8 buddies who support throughout the induction days and support throughout the first few weeks of the first term
  • A team of year 10 and 11 listeners who are always on hand to support the younger students and to make sure they are finding their way around the school
  • Year 11 mentors to give one to one support to students who are finding the transition process more difficult
  • Learning support for those students with additional transition or learning need, nurturing whenever a difficulty is experienced.

We remind our Year 7 that someone is always there to listen and to help.

Transition Activities
During the transition process there are many activities that we run for the new students. Our Transition team visit the Primary schools with us and run a presentation and activities for our new students to make them feel happier and more confident in the transition process while we meet with the Primary teachers to get key information on all the students that are joining us meaning we get to know the background on all of our students from their learning needs, achievements through to their personalities and hobbies. We have 2 induction days in July where the students get to meet their tutors. Complete team building activities and also complete some of base line tests to let us know their learning styles. On the induction days the students are provided with lots of information packs about transition, we also provide them with a summer holiday work booklet which includes competitions and activities for them to complete ready to share with their tutors on their first day in September. We have a team building day for students that are joining our school as individual students from their primary schools or would benefit from extra support with the transition process. The day consists of lots of team challenges allowing the students to get to know each other further and key members of staff who will be working closely with them through their transition.

Transition team email address
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