School Uniform

All students at the King John School – from Year 7 to Year 11 – must wear the school uniform. We believe a uniform helps promote a commitment to achievement, self-respect and greatly improves discipline.

Please can parents refer to our school rules regarding uniform before purchasing clothing.

It has come to our attention that some students are purposely misinforming parents / carers with regards to what students can and cannot wear. Just to confirm, canvas or suede shoes, black or any other colour, are not acceptable. Chino style tight fitting trousers or a denim material trouser are not acceptable. Coloured nail varnish, pointed acrylic nails or a stud other than in the earlobe is not allowed. The Governors have not amended our school uniform or code of conduct in any way and students are reminded of this by their tutors and Heads of Year on a regular basis.

When students come in to school in breach of our rules and expectations they will be challenged and required to revert to what we expect. We have tried over the years to maintain very high standards and expectations by being consistent and fair, with the majority of students adhering to the rules.


The school uniform shop offers good quality garments at reasonable Prices.

Many items of uniform bear the School logo and must be purchased in the school uniform shop. Although a few items of uniform can be bought outside of the school, parents should keep in mind that students are required to wear approved King John School uniform styles.

Orders for Uniform should be emailed to uniform@thekjs.com.  There are price lists in the download menu to the right above.  Please be aware that we only have limited stock on site, and therefore there may be a delay if we have to order new stock in. Once your order is ready for collection you will be emailed to come in to the uniform shop that is located down the side of the school next to student services, between the following times.

The Uniform Shop will be open for collection by parents every Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30am to 10.30am (except during school holidays), and from 11.05am to 11.30am for collection by students.

Payment is by cash, cheque or credit card on collection.  Alternatively, if you wish to pay by Parentpay, please let us know with your order.  This can then be added to the parent pay system for your child, and we will advise you the amount that will need to be paid prior to collection.


Girls’ Uniform:
Plain black blazer with KJS school badge.

Plain black V-neck pullover or cardigan, (optional), with KJS school badge.

Blouse: Plain white revere collar with the KJS logo. Polo shirt, (with KJS logo), may be worn in the summer term.

Plain black pleated skirt, (KJS approved style), with hem no more than 2″ above the knee and not below mid-calf.

Plain black trousers – optional (KJS approved style). Tight fitting or denim styles are not permitted.

Plain black or white trainer socks or ankle socks ONLY. Long socks or rolled down socks are not permitted.

Plain black or natural tights, (one colour only).

Plain black shoes / boots without decoration. No Canvas shoes.  Boots may not be worn with skirts.

Boys’ Uniform:
Plain black blazer with KJS school badge.

Plain black V-neck pullover, (optional), with KJS school badge.

Plain white shirt, (KJS approved style), with collar, (long sleeve or short sleeve in summer). Polo shirts (with KJS logo) may be worn in the summer term.

School tie, (to be worn at all times).

Plain black trousers, (KJS approved style). Tight fitting trousers, denim style or brushed cotton are not permitted. If you are not sure of the correct uniform then please contact Student Support for advice before purchasing. Next term any student wearing non KJS style trousers will be asked to change them.

Plain black or white ankle socks.

Plain formal style black shoes / boots without decoration (No canvas shoes)

In addition to the above, the following rules also apply to school uniform and appearance:

Year 7 – 8 students are prohibited from wearing make-up.

Discreet make-up is acceptable for Years 9-11.

Students’ hair must be clean, tidy and sensible – extremes of style, length or colour will not be tolerated.

Students may wear one ring only.  One plain stud in the lobe of each ear may also be worn – no other jewellery is acceptable.

We prefer coats and anoraks to be of a dark colour. No scarves or gloves are to be worn within the school.

The only badges allowed are those provided by KJS.

The following items are unacceptable for all students, Year 7 – 11: leather / simulated leather garments, denim jackets, training shoes, canvas shoes, sandals, high heels, platform shoes, T shirts or hoodies (other than for PE (see below)).


Girls’ Uniform:
A black and red hoodie (with KJS school badge) is required for all activites.

Athletics: black and red shirt (with KJS logo) and plain black shorts, white ankle socks, trainers. (Spikes optional).

Gymnastics and Dance: black and red shirt with KJS logo, plain black shorts.

Games: black and red shirt with KJS logo and black and red skort.  Knee length black and red trim socks, white ankle socks, plain black tracksuit bottoms, trainers (football boots/astroturf shoes optional). Shin pads and mouth guards advised for hockey.

Tennis and Rounders: black and red shirt with KJS logo and black and red KJS skort, white ankle socks and trainers.

Students who are not participating physically in the lesson for whatever reason must still change into the appropriate kit and tracksuit.

Boys’ Uniform:
Athletics/General: black and red shirt (with KJS logo) and KJS black shorts with red trim, short white socks, trainers. (Spikes optional).

Gymnastics: black and red shirt with KJS logo, KJS black shorts with red trim.

Winter Games (outdoors): red reversible KJS rugby shirt and KJS black shorts with red trim. Knee length KJS black and red socks.  Football boots,  plain black tracksuit bottoms. Shin pads and mouth guards advised.

Cricket:  black and red shirt with KJS logo and black with red trim KJS shorts.  Short white socks and trainers.

Students who are not participating physically in the lesson for whatever reason must still change into the appropriate kit and tracksuit.

Sixth Form Dress Code
The King John School has a traditional view of educational dress and in years 7 to 11 maintains a traditional school uniform that is recognised and respected within the school’s wider community. The dress code within the school’s Sixth Form seeks to maintain this formality whilst allowing students some licence and flexibility.

Sixth Form students are viewed as role models to the younger students and therefore are expected to dress smartly and not as if they are going to the beach or to a party.  Students may be asked to go home to change if we feel their clothing is unsuitable regardless of time, distance or cost with time made up through the After School Programme (ASP).

Students are expected to wear their ID tags at all times when at school.  Persistent failure to do so may result in the student being placed on the After School Programme (ASP) as a consequence.

For further details please refer to the dress code policy.

Uniform Shop Summer Term
Please be advised that during the summer term, students are allowed to wear the summer polo shirt (white with the KJS logo) under their blazers instead of a blouse/shirt.

We hold limited stock on site and have to order these items in, therefore, if you would like one, please place an order with the Uniform Shop by emailing uniform@thekjs.com

The sizes and prices are as follows:

9-10, 11-12, priced at £6.00
14-15‎ priced at £7.00
S, M, L priced at £10.00

Alternatively, order forms are available from the Uniform Shop.

The Uniform Shop is open Monday, Tuesday and Thursday from 9.30am until 10.30am for Parents/Carers (term time only) and 11.05am until 11.30am for Students (term time only).

Please note, the summer polo shirt is only allowed to be worn during the summer term.