Student Voice

Mrs Jones (Head of the Student Voice Committee)

Having a say is a right:
Children have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults are making decisions that affect them, and to have their opinions taken into account.

Student Voice and School Council

To allow each member of the school community to have a voice

To improve the whole school experience for students

Student Voice Council
The School Council exists to give each student a voice.  It promotes whole school improvement through student involvement.  Student Voice has had an early start this year with Tutor representatives being elected in the second week of school and applications for the Executive Committee coming in the first few weeks of September. There were many applications and Mrs Jones had the difficult task of picking the successful applicants.

Throughout the academic year the Committee will be discussing matters of importance to the students of KJS.

So far this year Student Voice has elected the Executive Committee; elected Tutor representatives; organised voting and suggestions; discussed Black History month and what should be taught in lessons; raised the profile of Student Voice; met with students regarding culture and what it means to them; assigned core values to sixth form Student Committee members and discussed what we will be planning for Parliament Week in November.

The Student Voice Committee and learners at The King John School have had a successful few years with many achievements:

  • Student Voice Elections (each year)
  • Anti-bullying Poetry Competition during Anti-Bullying week
  • YOPEY Awards
  • Jack Petchey Awards for Students
  • Gospel Choir performed at the Royal Opera House
  • Sixth Form Debate Club
  • Sixth Form Magazine
  • Our World Assembly
  • Hopefield Animal Sanctuary Trip
  • Charity Shoe Box appeal (16 boxes made by Student Voice)
  • Jack Petchey Speak Out challenge
  • Jack Petchey Regional Final hosted by KJS
  • Catering: Student Voice Executive members involved in taster sessions
  • Poppy Appeal
  • Student Voice Wellbeing Surveys
  • Parliament Week
  • Christmas collection for HARP
  • Discussion regarding culture and what’s important to the students
  • Nomination for student of Parliament Week
  • Book Display for World Book Day
  • Equaliteas Event

Staff and students have been proactive in providing all the students at The King John School a voice.

This year Students Voice will be working towards the following:

  • Positive use of Social Media assembly
  • To invite governors to our Student Council meetings
  • To host an exchange with another School’s Student Council
  • To host a ONEWORLDWEEK in October 2019
  • To Take part in UK Parliament week in November 2018
  • To Organise a trip to Parliament