Edulink One

Edulink One


We are pleased to announce the launch of a new online system, Edulink One. This is now available to all students and will also be rolled out to parents in replacement of the SIMS Learning Gateway/ SIMS Parent App in Early 2020. Edulink One gives your child access to view information such as their timetable and homework, through either a mobile app or via a laptop/computer.

How can my child access Edulink One?

Edulink One is available through a number of platforms and can be accessed on most devices with access to the internet:

  • Mobile App – Students can download the Edulink One app for free on both the iOS and Android app stores. Search for “Edulink One” and look for the app which looks like the icon to the right.
  • Laptop/ Computer – Edulink One can also be accessed through a web browser. Go to the homepage of the school website and click on “Edulink One Login” from the gold Pupils box.

How can my child login to Edulink One?

Once your child has downloaded the app/ browsed to the website they will need to login to the system. See the below guidance for how students can log on:

  • School ID – Enter “thekjs”
  • Username – Enter school computer username (Example format below)

“Year Started KJS | Surname | Initial of First name”

e.g. Joe Bloggs in Year 7 would login using 19BloggsJ.

  • Password – Enter the same password used to login to the computers in school.

What information is available on Edulink One?

Your child will be able to view the following information through Edulink One:

  • Timetable
  • Achievement Points
  • Upcoming exam countdown (official qualifications only)
  • Personal Calendar
  • Homework
  • Links to useful websites e.g. VLE, Method Maths, Hegarty Maths
  • Future features include -viewing cashless catering balance, clubs

We strongly encourage students to utilise this tool to better manage school life. If your child has any issues logging in to the system please advise them to see the ICT Technicians in UD15 who will be able to assist them.