Year 11

Year 11 – Mr Spencer

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Year 11 is one of the most important years of any students education. This is the final year in which they consolidate all of the information learned over the last 3 years and enter their G.C.S.E’s. During this final year they have their pre public exams in the January and will sit final exams in the May. As a school we put on lots of revision sessions to help our pupils. These happen in the morning, at break/lunch and after school. We have a brilliantly dedicated staff who work tirelessly to ensure each and every student reaches their full potential and are always on hand to answer any questions.

Our students also fully settle into their roles of head boy/head girl, senior prefects and general prefects. They complete duties at lunch and ensure the safety of younger students. They are always available to any student to offer help and support to any student in our school and they are such amazing role models within the school-we are very proud of them!

This is the time of year when our students look to get in their 6th form applications. This process has been meticulously walked through with them and they are fully supported by tutors through to senior staff.

It is an exciting time for them planning for their prom and their year book. We have committees of students who run the organisation and decision making for these areas and they are currently doing a fabulous job and I know that the prom will be a brilliant event held at the Three Rivers Golf club. The year book is also looking brilliant because of all the hard work the pupils are putting into it.

This is a very buy year for our students and on top of this they compete to a very high standard in sport with many of our teams reaching the national competition stages.

Year 11 Prom

Year 11 celebrate the end of their exams and school days with a prom.  It is a chance for students to say their goodbyes and celebrate the end of the exams in style.  The cost of the prom is usually approximately £35 and this includes entry, buffet and unlimited soft drinks.  Students will need to bring money with them if they would like a Prom photo. The evening begins at 7:30pm and finishes at 11:00pm.  Carriages should arrive for 11:00pm to have departed by 11:15pm.  This is a formal event so we encourage students to dress accordingly.

It is not an automatic right to attend the King John Prom, it is a celebration and students are invited to attend.  Students who do not meet school expectations throughout the year will risk having their prom invite withdrawn.  If a student has fallen in to this category then parents will be informed.


We would like to make you aware that if you are hiring a limousine for the prom that you check the paperwork of the company as in previous years other schools have had at least one limousine decommissioned due to lack of paperwork and roadworthiness.

 Leavers’ Yearbook

As we come to the end of Year 11, a Yearbook is made to show pictures and memories of the students’ time at the school.  It is a hard back book that has been designed with 76 pages of colour photos, tutor messages and happy memories!

You can purchasing this book for approximately £13 via.

Yearbooks are available to collect on Results Day in August.