Extra-Curricular Drama Clubs
The Drama department offer students a variety of extra-curricular opportunities to all students throughout the year. These include:

  • Yr. 7 Drama Club – Thursday Lunch – UB3 – Ms Kitsiou
  • Yr. 8 Drama Club – Thursday Lunch – GD11 – Mrs Woolgrove
  • GCSE/A Level Drama Rehearsals – Lunchtimes, breaktimes and after school – UB3 and GD11 – Ms Newman and Mrs Woolgrove
  • Key Stage 4 Intervention – Tuesday After school – UB3– Ms Newman

There is a variety of Drama trips offered to students in every Key Stage. These trips are fantastic opportunities for students to witness and experience live theatre in a professional environment. Students will learn a lot about a variety of subjects including, Art, Textiles, Construction, Engineering, Dance, Music and many more!

This year’s trips:
Year 9 – Woman in Black
Year 10 – The Croft
Year 11 – Woman in Black
Year 12 and 13 – I Think We Are Alone