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The Aspens team are delighted to provide the catering services at the King John School.

Aspens is a successful, honest, fast-growing British owned and operated contract catering company.
Aspens are passionate about great tasting food and offer a wonderful selection of choices, food that is not only nutritious but keeps students coming back for more. Aspens believe that great tasting homemade wholesome food, produced using quality, locally sourced ingredients and served with care and passion are vital ingredients to a successful school meal service.

Secondary school customers are ever changing. As well as students, there is a range of consumer groups, such as staff and support teams that have different needs. Aspens pay close attention to price sensitivity and value for money. That’s why Aspens offer a range of food concepts, guest offers and tasty menus, to keep up with the current trends and demands of students and staff.

School meals are paid for via a cashless system called ParentPay.  This is a means for Parents and Carers to pay for school meals, trips and other items via an online system. More details regarding cashless catering can be found on the ParentPay page by clicking here.

Click here to visit the Aspens website.


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