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(Please see below for menus and pricing)


We are delighted to partner with the students, teachers and staff at The King John School.

Our aim, along with the school, is to provide all students with an exceptional catering experience. Our very talented Chef and the fantastic catering team will be serving exciting menus packed with healthy ingredients, that are full of variety, and with loads of interesting new things to try. It’s important that the food tastes as good as it looks, and we’re sure you won’t be disappointed.

What’s on the menu?

Innovate has long been considered the most inventive school caterer and that’s because we’re very clear about our food. All our dishes are prepared every day using quality, fresh and seasonal ingredients that are responsibly sourced. As well as ensuring the food on the plate is healthy, we want our customers to understand the importance of eating the right foods and help them with their food and nutrition journey. Here’s a taste of what’s to come:

A huge selection of 'grab and go' items including baguettes, paninis, burritos and salads to name a few, all now using our barcode system to help speed up the queues

A variety of healthy, tasty main meals prepared fresh every day from carefully selected ingredients. The menu will follow a similar weekly pattern, so you know what to expect, in addition to the ever popular chef specials, themed events and loyalty schemes.

Our Street Vibes range, global street food that tours the world. It’s always changing; from Korean fried chicken, Chinese bao buns, to Greek souvlaki, there’s always something new to try!

Food Allergies and Intolerances: If your Son or Daughter have any food allergies or food intolerances, please ask them to talk to our Chef who will be able to advise them on food and drink options that suits their needs.

Theme days: we're travelling around the world! We'll go to different regions each half term, with 3 days of special dishes alongside Street Vibes street food for the whole half term.
There are also lots of individual special days and promotions that will run throughout the year!

What meal deals are available?

The most popular meal deal is the Blue Dot meal deal for £2.40
Students can choose any 4 items (usually 90p each) displaying a blue dot sticker. Items include selected rolls, sandwiches, drinks, cakes and tray bakes, fruit bags, and more!

I have a free school meal allowance, what can I have?

If you are eligible for Free School Meals, we have a variety of dishes available, which can be bought with your daily funding allowance. This is a private matter, so credit is loaded automatically onto your card and is used in the same way as all our customers.

Extra money can be loaded on to the cards, if you wish, and does not impact on the funding at all. It's definitely worth checking your eligibility on the Government website.

zenith innovate client tariff poster april 24.pdf

Free School Meals

Your child may be entitled to free school meals or a premium to assist with their education.

Even if your child does not wish to eat free school meals but is entitled to, the school could receive additional funding each year to help with tuition, resources, coaching and extra assistance.

To find out if your child is entitled please follow the Free School Meals link.

Once free school meal entitlement has been established a daily allowance of £2.40 is automatically added to your child's catering account. This can be spent biometrically up until the close of the lunchtime break. Any unspent balance will then be cleared and the next day's allowance added.


A warm welcome from Innovate

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