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The King John School

âYou Said We Didâ launched at King John School

“You Said, We Did” launched at King John School

“In order to strengthen the Student Voice in our school we have launched the You Said, We Did initiative. Our students regularly have the chance to write suggestions as to areas of the school they would like to develop and post them in the Positive Feedback Postbox in the central area of the school. The school then looks to address those suggestions.
The 90 students (across all year groups) who form the Executive Student Voice Committee also discuss these suggestions. The student voice representatives meet the Headteacher, the Deputies and Governors to voice their views on the school.
The school feeds back to our student body via emails to all our students as to what they have suggested for developments (You Said…) and what the school has done about the ideas (We Did….). We are proud of our students for embracing school life and wanting to develop our school as a positive community.” – Alison Murray