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The King John School

King John wants to share student success

King John wants to share student success!

King John School staff have created a huge showcase area in their celebration hall that proudly displays the shirts of students that have succeeded in a wide range of sports throughout the years.

Mark Sexton, a PE teacher at The King John School, said “It’s great to see the various athletes that have passed through King John being celebrated in this way. Having their achievements, and wide range of successes, on display is truly is an honour as they inspire promising new talent within King John.”

Dan Steel, Headteacher, said ‘I am immensely proud of the school, students and staff. The King John School has a rich sporting legacy and the opportunities given to a wide range of students over its history is something to be celebrated. We want to encourage the community to share with us any other success a member of our alumni has had, in any area, and we will make a promise to do the same.’

If you would like to get in contact with the school please email alanm@zmat.co.uk