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The King John School

The Trust’s core aim is to ensure that we enhance the life chances of all the young people within the Trust to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Key Stage 3 Curriculum Guide

Key Stage 3 Curriculum Guide

The King John School Curriculum Intent

Our curriculum is designed to engage, motivate and inspire all our students to be life-long learners. We aim to create a stimulating educational experience aimed at developing a passion for learning alongside the knowledge, skills and cultural capital students need to succeed in life.

These educational experiences will enable students to achieve in a wide range of different contexts, to develop existing talents, and to discover new interests and passions. We provide an extensive array of sporting and cultural opportunities, and a wide range of fascinating trips and visits to enjoy. To celebrate success, we always look to showcase the exceptional talents and abilities of our young people, and we believe such opportunities greatly enhance our students’ enjoyment of school. We provide a quality education for all our students regardless of background.

At the King John School we believe in being ambitious and having high aspirations for all our students. Since September 2019 we have reviewed progress targets for our students to ensure all stakeholders have the highest expectations. This, together with appropriate levels of challenge and support, will ensure that all our students can maximise their potential. Central to our curriculum is an academic core of mathematics, English, science, humanities and modern foreign languages. This is complemented by an exciting range of other subjects including practical and artistic subjects, which are key to supporting confidence, creativity and character.

At the heart of our school is a desire to ensure all our students become the global citizens of the future, contributing positively to the wider community. We aim to ensure they are well prepared for life in modern Britain as open-minded, thoughtful, and respectful individuals. Our approach promotes students’ academic development and their development as young people, who understand and appreciate the significance of the wider, important issues which impact upon the world in which they live. Through the curriculum, students will regularly encounter such issues and ideas, and so develop the understanding they need in order to be successful citizens. Time is also given to developing students’ awareness of matters which relate to their own personal welfare and well-being, such as the importance of leading an active, healthy lifestyle, and staying safe on-line.

To complement our broad, balanced curriculum, we offer an extensive extra-curricular provision, to enable our students to maximise their potential. Our students therefore experience a rich, robust and engaging curriculum, with a wide range of learning opportunities and experiences at each stage of their education. From the ages of 11 to 18, the curriculum gives students choices for their future as they become young adults and take their place in the world. It is our aim that our students embrace school life and develop a passion for their learning.

From 11 to 18 the curriculum is structured into different pathways to meet the needs of our students and maximise their potential. This pathways approach to curriculum planning and design ensures breadth and depth and aims to be ambitious for all students. In year 7 and 8 students access a broad curriculum, setting them up with the requisite knowledge and understanding to begin their GCSE programmes of study. We continue with the broad Key Stage 3 curriculum in Year 9 but give students the opportunity to select an area of the curriculum they are interested in and have not yet experienced, for example enterprise and business or media and film. Students select this area of interest as a part of their curriculum for a one year programme of study during Year 9 whilst continuing the subjects studied in Year 7 and 8. At the start of Year 10 the students start their GCSE programmes of study, King John students benefit from a wealth of subjects and courses on offer to them both at Key Stage 4 and Post- 16 keeping the curriculum broad. These include drama, art, food, PE, design technology, photography, sociology and business. This extensive range includes academic, applied and vocational courses, which will give students the qualifications they need for their next steps, and to achieve future success.

Any student starting school now, will be entering a job market where many of the careers with which we are familiar, will have changed. As a result, at the King John School, we are constantly looking at ways to improve our existing offer, researching and adapting our curriculum to better meet the needs of our young people in a rapidly changing world. In particular, we have recognised the additional challenges faced by vulnerable students and those with complex needs. To this end, we have introduced greater curriculum flexibility, support from Zenith Minds and raised awareness with all staff of these additional needs, whilst remaining ambitious for academic outcomes with all students.

The King John School believes in choice and opportunity for progression so that all students regardless of background, can achieve highly. We get to know our students well, so that we can give them high quality support to maximise their potential, and to enable them to move onto the next stage of their lives. Ultimately, we want all our students to be happy and successful in their lives, and to make a positive contribution to the world.


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The King John School Curriculum

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