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Hair & Beauty

Hair & Beauty

We welcome you to the department of the hair and beauty at The King John School.

The course you have chosen is VRQ in Hairdressing/Beauty Therapy, which will be delivered in our modern; well equipped commercial salon, where you will be assisting with, or providing, professional treatments to friends, family and peers as required by the course.

Your course will introduce you to a vast array of new knowledge; skills and people as well as new exciting real life experiences of the industry.

Where you will be able to move on in year 12 to go onto the apprenticeship route.

Key to Success

Our aim is to give you the best start we possibly can to get you on the ladder to success. We will be encouraging you to participate in as many industry-related activities as possible to give you the experience you need to get that dream job. This may include participating in photo shoots; attending visits and talks; maybe even entering competitions and working towards moving onto a higher level of qualification and finally progressing onto working in the industry.

There is nothing stopping you becoming a King John success story.

All you need to do is:

  • Be hard working
  • Be totally committed
  • Develop a high standard in professional attitude
  • Enjoy and achieve
  • Maintain an excellent level of attendance & punctuality

Our expectations of you are high whatever your age or experience!

What are the aims of my course?

  • To provide you with the high level of knowledge and operational skills for hairdressing/beauty therapy
  • To gain an experience of the beauty therapy & hairdressing industries and the way they work
  • To work within a realistic salon environment to gain confidence and competence in order to provide a high standard of customer care; service and professional treatments to the public
  • To enable you to develop a positive professional treatments to friends, family and peers.
  • To receive treatments and services so you understand how it feels and what is expected from the experience

How is my course structured?

The delivery of the course is a combination of general knowledge sessions competed in a classroom environment. However all specialist knowledge and skills will take place in the salon environment to enable to gain an understanding of how knowledge links to the specialist practical skills.

You will be expected to undertake independent study either at home or you can use the Learning Resources Centre or the allocated classrooms.

How will I be assessed?

All units have a combination of assessments requirements

The majority will be based on practical competency and completion of online exams and assignments

The various forms of assessment are:

  • Timed practical observation of specialist skills
  • Formative (practice assessments to cover ranges)
  • Summative (final assessments)
  • Evolve on-line, external (multiple-choice) tests and/or assignments
  • Oral questions if needed