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Exams and Assessments

Exams and Assessments

Exam rules and regulations

Please see the attached rules and regulation documents for all exams below.

Mrs  E Nunn is the exams officer if students have any queries.





Information for Candidates 2023-2024

GCSE External Examination Regulations for 2023-2024 years 10 and 11

GCE External Examination Regulations for 2023-2024 Year 12-13

Exams – Summer 2024

Each year, exam boards are required to designate an exams contingency date. This is the date up until which all candidates must be available and able to come into school to sit any exam that has been postponed. This is a decision that would be taken at a national level by the Joint Council for Qualifications and applies to all candidates.

Exam Contingency Dates 2024:

  • 6th June (afternoon)
  • 13th June (afternoon)
  • 26th June (all day)

Please keep these dates in mind when making plans and arrangements for the summer.

Summer 2024 Exam Timetable