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The Trust’s core aim is to ensure that we enhance the life chances of all the young people within the Trust to enable them to fulfil their potential and achieve the best possible outcomes.

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Sixth Form Admission

Sixth Form Admission

Application to The King John Sixth Form College will be by published application form to The King John School Admissions Officer.


We aim to offer a range of academic and vocational qualifications to our sixth form students and many of these require minimum grades at GCSE.  Our policy is to ensure that the students accepted into the sixth form can be placed on appropriate courses where they are likely to succeed.  Students are invited to attend the open evening in the autumn term and required to attend the induction day in June.


All King John students in Year 11 will be encouraged to apply for the sixth form.  We also accept external applications from students wishing to transfer from another institution.  Students are asked to select provisional course preferences.  This is not a firm commitment and they will be able to reconsider their options after the GCSE results are published and in light of the college timetable. 


We require all students to make a formal application for September 2021 by 2 December, 2020.    Every student will be required to attend a guidance meeting.


Admission to the Sixth Form will be determined by the Governing Body in accordance with the following criteria in the order set out below.


All students, including those already enrolled at King John School, must meet the criteria below:


(i)         that the student has attained the specific academic requirements for entry to the courses, which are published on the Sixth Form Preference Forms;


(ii)        that there is a suitable course available with a vacancy; group size will normally be capped at 25 but may vary depending on the nature of the subject and availability of resources;


(iii)       that the student has demonstrated a commitment to their studies pre 16 evidenced by their school and/or progress report.


The admissions limit for the year commencing 1 September 2021 for external applicants who have not previously been students of The King John School will be 80 students or until 250 places have been offered in Year 12.  Should this limit be reached then admission will be determined in accordance with the following additional criteria in the order set out below:


The governors will consider first all those applications received by the published deadline. 


If a subject is oversubscribed or the number of applications exceeds the capacity of the sixth form the following criteria will be used:


  • (iv) that criteria (i) to (iii) have been met


  • (v) then that looked-after students (children in public care) are first to be admitted



  • (vi) then those students who have attended a school in Zenith Multi Academy Trust are second to be admitted


  • (vii) finally, the distance the student lives from the main entrance of the College on Shipwrights Drive will be measured by the shortest walking distance along recognised roads and footpaths


Should the admissions limit be exceeded in any previous criterion, then the distance criterion will be applied in that category.


With regard to the efficient use of resources, learning provision and capacity in the local area, the school reserves the right to exceed its capacity of 80 external students where a particular high performing subject has places in the particular class/or subject area and when the individual student can demonstrate their aptitude/ability in this subject area.


The Governors' Admissions Committee will operate in the same way and follow the same procedures as relate to applications for entry into Years 7 to 11.  Students who are refused a place in Year 12 are entitled to appeal to an Independent School Appeal Panel.  Further details of the appeal procedure will be provided on request.




Entry into Year 13 for external applicants will depend on the courses required, the availability of a place within that group and the student’s results from any modules taken in Year 12.  Examination Board compatibility is also required.  Students who have completed Year 12 at the King John Sixth Form College can only enter Year 13 if they have fulfilled the appropriate course requirements.


A student ceases to be a King John student on accepting and attending any course at another institution.  Students who were in Year 11 at The King John School who wish to join the sixth form must do so by 14 September. After the 14 September, in-year transfers will be considered according to the published admissions criteria and upon formal application by the student. All students must have attained the specific academic requirements for entry to the courses.

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