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Student Support

Student Support

The student support department is there to support all students at The King John School.

The department is the first point of contact for both students and parents. Within the department there is a student support officer assigned to each year group and this student support officer follows your child from Year 7 through to Year 13 enabling continuity of support for both parents and students.

The department offers a wide variety of support from returning lost property through to emotional and well-being support from the student support officer.

Within the department there is also a designated medical room which is manned by a first aid assistant to provide first aid to your child should it be required whilst attending school. They also hold any prescribed medicines which your child may need to take whilst at school. All medicines must be handed to them along with a note from parents requesting this.

The student support department is open from 8am until 4.30pm every day with a dedicated student reception area and the medical area is manned from 8.30am until 3.30pm.

Learning Support Faculty

The Learning Support department is available to support all students of the King John School. There is a dedicated Learning Support area with a suite of 2 rooms split into different areas. There is a classroom area with computers and a selection of subject resources, a quiet area with comfortable seating, kitchen area and an area for small group work and meetings and reviews.
The department offers support in a number of ways, there is a limited amount of in class support but most support takes place outside the classroom in small intervention groups focusing on academic and personal and social skills. The department also offers support for access arrangements in public exams. The Department bases its support arrangements on the New Code of Practice 2014.

The area is open to all students in the school from 8 until 4.15 every day.

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