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A message from our Student Leadership

A message from our Student Leadership

King John is a place where each person is pushed to reach their maximum potential. It’s a school where you can be yourself and never fear judgement. It’s a school that ensures equality everywhere you go. King John loves to participate in all sporting competitions. Throughout my time I have participated in: football, basketball, rugby, athletics, cross-country and even handball. The school encourages participation and I completely understand why as I have made some of my favourite memories in sport. Not only with teammates but also the staff as well. To conclude, I feel King John is the perfect place for anyone who wants to unlock their maximum potential whilst enjoying an excellent education. 

Olly - Principal Student Leader 2023-24

The King John School delivers a variety of opportunities aimed at progressing students to be the best both academically, and as role models in the community. This is at the core of everything around the school and is embodied within our PRIDE values. The chances the students at our school receive are incredible, and I am extremely thankful for the teachers and their desire to go above and beyond. With a pupil-focused setting as good as King John’s, it is the best chance of unlocking a student’s full potential.

Jack- Principal Student Leader 2023-24


In my opinion, King John created an atmosphere like no other a caring, welcoming, and extremely positive environment. With the unique, facilities everyone can find their passion that will drive them through their school life. In my experience, I have had the opportunity to compete in numerous netball matches and hockey leagues. From an outside perspective as well as an inside perspective the many extra-curricular that we offer are massively encouraged and help students feel a sense of belonging. I feel King John pushes students to the best of their ability in every area of learning. It is an excellent place for a positive, learning experience during teenage years.

Jess – Principal Student Leader 2023-24 


The King John School offers a multitude of opportunities for all students. Through my time at the King John School, the excellent teachers and pastoral staff have supported me to excel both athletically and academically. Through the Jack Petchey program I was able to learn key life lessons and skills. The KJS community has a positive environment which it uses to encourages all to grow into integral members of society as well as clubs within our school such as student leadership that’s inspires students to voice their opinions and make positive change within the school. The King John School strives to foster students into becoming the best versions of themselves, therefore the King John School is one I take Pride in.

Tomiwa – Principal Student Leader 2023-24 


My time at King John has not only provided me with endless opportunities but prepared me to face all the challenges of life, helping me succeed in all areas of my education. By taking part in engaging activities like, The Jack Petchy Challenge, I have been able to fully unlock my potential which enabled me to acknowledge my personal strengths and skills which may have otherwise gone unnoticed. I am incredibly proud to represent and be part of such a wonderful school, driven by the voice of hard-working students, it is beyond a privilege to embody the King John values.

Mia – Principal Student Leader 2023-24  


Throughout my seven years here at the King John School, I have been offered with a plethora of opportunities which have allowed me to expand my horizons and be able to experience and learn many key skills, which have been great assets to me. Through opportunities such as the Jack Petchey Speak Out challenge, pastoral meetings, meetings with our Zenith Multi Trust etc. and the support of our amazing staff and students, I have been able to truly unlock my full potential. I am incredibly proud to represent and be part of such a wonderful community, driven by the voice of our students and I am looking forward to the exciting opportunities that are yet to come!


Varshini - Head of school student leader

Hi, my name is Grace, and I am one of the deputy heads of school at King John. I have been attending this school since year 7 and throughout the time I have spent here I have had the opportunity to make friends, get involved in the school community and evolve as a person. Some of my biggest achievements, such as completing my Silver Duke of Edinburgh, starting my gold, completing my GCSE’s and now being able to study the A-levels I wanted, was not without the strong support of the teachers and my peers at this school, and now I have a chance to work alongside them, endeavouring to make further change within the school. With help from the school’s eco-club, I hope to continue improving the environment, aiming to be more proactive with the ongoing environmental issues we face and educate about these same problems. I also look forward to working with the lower years to learn about and help with the students’ concerns from across the school, giving everybody an equal voice and making the school a safe place for all pupils. I am excited for this new opportunity and am eager to work with the leadership to start making these changes.

Grace - Deputy Head of school student leader

Hello, my name is Katie, your deputy head of school and a year 12 currently studying Law, Psychology and Philosophy. I have been at the school since Year 7 and throughout my years I have been a part of the student leadership team, a prefect and in my allies. As a school community, we have worked together to host things such as charity events and suggest improvements for the school. As a leadership team, we have multiple innovative ideas and plans for the school that we are excited to implement, this may include things to the sixth form but also working along side the main school. Personally, my goals as your deputy head are about the importance of shining more of a spotlight on the details of charity events, knowing what we are raising money for, as well as the charity events in general, this has always been something the school did that brought so much positivity to good causes which I plan on continuing helping with them. Alongside this, also working on the importance of mental health, making sure the students are comfortable and happy is of the utmost importance. I also believe that it is key to have the students' voices heard, we want to hear what you have to say, all your ideas and we will try our absolute hardest to achieve those goals. As your deputy head, I plan you represent the school and their values, being part of the community. We are very excited for the year ahead with you all.

Katie - Deputy Head of school student leader