Pause and Rewards

PAUSE has become synonymous at The King John School with our high expectations for student achievement and behaviour. PAUSE encourages students to reflect on different aspects of their daily school lives, with each letter of PAUSE relating to a different aspect of student learning and conduct. Posters around the school, starring our students, serve as a daily reminder of the significance of PAUSE. Within PAUSE we explore: Progress; Attitude to Learning; Uniform; Safe and Sensible Behaviour and Expectations and Exam Success. Students have a weekly PAUSE focus discussed in tutor times. Student can also earn additional VIVOs for upholding all five aspects of PAUSE.

The King John School uses Vivo Miles as a whole school rewards system from Years 7-12. This rewards scheme works alongside the school’s traditional reward systems such as Merits and Lions. Vivo is unique in that it gives our students access to an extensive, multi-layered rewards system where students can convert their VIVOs into real awards via the VIVO online shop. The more good things a student does, the greater the quantity and quality of rewards available to them. A Vivo is worth the equivalent of 1p, but as our students will tell you, they soon add up and students excelling in all areas have an opportunity to earn at least £5 in VIVOs in an academic year. Students can keep track of their VIVOs via the website or via the mobile app.

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