Philosophy and Ethics

Philosophy is all about questioning, debating and investigating ultimate questions to do with life. Ethics is about morals, right and wrong within the world.

The subject is fun, interesting and exciting it also allows students to develop many skills which are useful in all aspects of life.

Some aspects of the course require an investigation into religion as well as culture and diversity in the world around us.

GCSE Philosophy & Ethics

Topics studied are:
• Belief about Deity
• Spiritual Experience
• The End of Life
• Good & Evil
• Reason & Revelation
• Religion & Science
• Human Relationships
• Medical Ethics
• Poverty & Wealth
• Peace & Justice
• Equality
• The Media

Students have been extremely successful at A-Level and the skills gained have allowed them to continue their education to university.

A-Level Philosophy & Ethics is highly regarded in terms of Law which has been a key degree for A-Level students to follow on from.