Media Studies

Key Stage 4
Media Studies is the largest subject option in The King John School. With three dedicated Media suites that contain the latest Apple Macs and key specialist staff teaching an exciting and modern subject it is not hard to see why. Since 2008 the department has risen from strength to strength at both Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5 each year.

As well as offering students a subject that is proud to be different, creative and highly vocational, the course covers a range of exciting topics (Film, Advertising, Magazines) that allows pupils to develop skills they can use in any industry. From Graphic Design to Website Design, the skills that students learn serve to enrich a CV and show how hands-on a student can be. Students are proud of the work they create, which can be seen around the school. As this work is worth such a high percentage of their grade, pupils develop a passion for creativity that they take with them when they leave education.

Key Stage 5
Media studies is one of the most popular subjects in the sixth form. Students are not only taught how media entertains audiences, but also to become media literate who understand the media landscape better. Students have access to the latest technology to complete their media production and are taught by media specialists. In AS-Level media students develop their production and analysis skills, studying a variety of Film and TV genres, Advertising, Web and print conventions. In A2-Level students study New Media and Identity in the Media and choose a topic of their own choice for coursework ranging from gender, disability, genre, violence, race, crime, age, new technology, computer games. Students also have the opportunity to go on school trip to Hollywood and London. Analysis.

Hollywood Trip
The department also offers a trip to Hollywood, California every year where pupils get taken on VIP tours of the major studios (Warner Bros, Sony and Universal) as well as work with film cameras at the NY Film Academy.

 “The Hollywood Trip is open for all Media and Film students at Key Stage 4 and Key Stage 5.”