Health and Social Care

“The Friday night was the hardest she woke every hour for a feed, burp, change and another feed” Jillian Dimbleby

Health and Social Care is a GCSE and A-Level subject and provides students with the opportunity to learn about human growth and development throughout all life stages. A highlight of the GCSE course is having the opportunity to have a Reality Baby for a weekend to experience what it is like to look after a demanding new born baby!

“A-Level” students run a Health Promotion Campaign on a topic of their choice which might range from alcohol abuse or anorexia to teenage depression or healthy eating.

Work is assessed through a combination of examination, controlled assessment and coursework.

The course is ideal for students who wish to consider a career in childcare, nursing, midwifery or social work.

There are many careers for both boys and girls; the NHS alone has over 350 different job roles. Visits to care settings, visiting speakers and practical assignments help to make the course truly vocational.