The SLG (Sims Learning Gateway) for parental access

The SLG (Sims Learning Gateway) for parental access
The SLG allows parents/Legal Guardians secure remote access to important information about their child via an online website.  This service is designed for use by all parents/Legal Guardians.

Please click here for the SIMS SLG website.

As the parent/Legal Guardian of a student at The King John School you can log into the ‘SIMS Learning Gateway’ website and access information which includes students timetable, homework, contact details and assessment data (The system is only accessible by entering a username and password which is unique to each parent/Legal Guardian and you can only view data for your own child/childrens.  Please note that we only create log-in details for those who have parental responsibility and who request an account.  An application can be made by a parent who is the Primary Contact (i.e. has residence and day-to-day care) and/or by a parent who lives at a separate address to his or her child but who has parental responsibility for them.

All accounts are created on a request basis.  If you would like to have an account please fill in the reply slip attached below, ensuring that all the requested information is completed in order to avoid any delays.  If you have more than one child at the school only return one slip, as only one account is needed (but please do ensure that you list all of your children on the slip).  These slips should be returned via email or reception at Student Services.

SIMS Learning Gateway Reply Slip

Following receipt of the slips and any other relevant information needed to process the request, usernames and passwords will be issued in due course. An active email address is required in order for a SIMS Learning Gateway Account to be created. For guidance on how to use the website please see the user guide below.

Parents SLG user guide

I trust you will find the Learning Gateway a useful tool. If you have any queries about the service please email us at: