Student Voice

Mrs Jones (Head of the Student Voice Committee)

Having a say is a right:
Children have the right to say what they think should happen, when adults are making decisions that affect them, and to have their opinions taken into account.

Student Voice and School Council

To allow each member of the school community to have a voice

To improve the whole school experience for students

Student Voice Council
The School Council exists to give each student a voice
It promotes whole school improvement through student involvement

Executive Committee Members:
Executive committee members’ names
Katie Askew Year 7
Evie Clarke Year 7
Mildred Ruwona Year 8
Lucy Jones Year 8
Grace Okutubo Year 9
Eve Jarvis Year 9
Melissa Tankut Year 10
Jillian Dimbleby Year 10
Beth Healey Year 11
Eleanor May Year 11
Tristan Lewis Year 11
Megan Cooper Year 12
Shona Macintyre Year 12
Callum Brown Year 13
Ben Rossitor Year 13

Student Voice at The King John School.
The Student Voice Executive Committee has continued to meet and discuss important issues to the students at King John School.

Student Voice has gone through some positive changes this year with new representatives chosen for each tutor group through majority votes. A new Executive Committee has been created to meet every three to four weeks to discuss matters of importance and make decisions on behalf of the Students.

Throughout the academic year the Committee has discussed matters of importance to the students of KJS: The first being the election of the Student Voice representatives for each tutor group. These students not only feedback information to the tutor groups but also hold the voting session for each of their groups.

So far this year Student Voice has elected the Executive Committee; voted for Jack Petchey winners; elected Tutor representatives; organised voting and suggestions; raised the profile of Student Voice; discussed Young Essex assembly; deliberated suggestions for next year’s shoebox appeal; decided and coordinated decision about the Jack Petchey Speak Out Challenge and given the students of The King John School a say in the running of their school.

Very soon, the suggestion boxes will be displayed in areas for students to contribute to ideas about their school. In addition to this the creation of a Sixth Form Committee has enabled the Sixth formers to discuss issues important to them and separate from the main school.

Recently the staff and students were involved in the YOPEY (The Young Person Of the Year Award 2015). Tutor representatives presented to their groups and classes decided who they would nominate.
Staff and students have been proactive in providing all the students at The King John School a voice.