Rewards System

Vivo rewards system

VIVO Rewards

Please note this system will be abolished with effect from May half term 2017.  Please see letter to the right hand side of this screen for more information.

The King John School uses Vivo Miles as a whole school rewards system from Years 7-12. This rewards scheme works alongside the school’s traditional reward systems such as Merits and Lions. Vivo is unique in that it gives our students access to an extensive, multi-layered rewards system where students can convert their VIVOs into real awards via the VIVO online shop. The more good things a student does, the greater the quantity and quality of rewards available to them. A Vivo is worth the equivalent of 1p, but as our students will tell you, they soon add up and students excelling in all areas have an opportunity to earn at least £5 in VIVOs in an academic year. Students can keep track of their VIVOs via the website or via the mobile app.

The VIVO Awarding Categories
The VIVO awarding categories have been created to give all learners at The King John School the opportunity to be rewarded for the good things they are doing, both in and out of lessons. We also have ‘double points’ weeks where categories will be worth twice as many VIVOs, so there is a lot for our students to get excited about.

Our categories are:

  • Participation
  • Helping Hands
  • Booked up!
  • Leadership
  • Clear Expectations
  • Progress
  • Resilient Learner
  • Sustained Attitude To Learning (ATL)
  • Exceptional Attitude To Learning (ATL)
  • Team Player
  • Excellent Progress
  • Student of the Term 100
  • Student of the Term 150

The VIVO Reps
Each tutor group has nominated a Vivo representative, responsible for liaising with their fellow tutees and attending termly VIVO feedback meetings and discussing how the award scheme is being implemented, possible improvements and suggesting additional categories. Our VIVO reps also receive VIVO goodies to say ‘thank you’ for helping us make VIVO rewards an engaging and motivating rewards system for the students at The King John School.

Parent Access
Parents can track their child’s school achievements and read teacher feedback. They can reinforce the good work done at school by pledging their own rewards at home. If you would like a login to be able to access your son/daughter’s VIVO account please email a request to